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Best Western MasterCard® credit card

The Best Western MasterCard® credit card rewards Canadians with the Best Western Rewards program that gives hotel benefits to cardholders. Now, you can earn 20,000 bonus Best Western Rewards points after your first qualifying purchase! Best Western Rewards Points. Now you can enjoy a superb offer of 1.5 Best Western Rewards points for every $1 in net retail purchases. When you make a cash advance transaction over $50 you can enjoy 50 Best Western Rewards points automatically! Top-Notch Security. Now, you can enjoy around-the-clock fraud protection to prevent identity theft. Also, you can feel safe and secure with online access to your credit card to ensure good financial management. You'll always have access to a friendly customer service agent to answer all of your questions and comments. No Annual Fee.Along with a low APR, you will not have to pay an annual fee when using your card. As a valued card member, you can enjoy hotel perks, points and savings! When you apply for your new hotel rewards card you can become an elite member to earn upgrades at Best Western Hotels across the world. With specialty perks, top-notch security and protection, along with zero annual fee there's no wonder the the Best Western MasterCard® credit card is an exclusive offer you can't pass up!

IberiaBank Visa® Classic Card

The IberiaBank Visa® Classic Card is a low APR credit card by IberiaBank that has a low APR on balance transfers and purchases. When you sign up for this card, you can enjoy a low interest rate that is not typically found with other offers. Balance Transfers. A special 1.99% introductory APR for balance transfers is valid for the first six months of card membership. This exclusive offer simplifies the process of transferring existing credit card balances to your current account. If you do this within the first three months of card membership you can take advantage of this exceptionally low offer. Purchases. The APR for your purchases will vary based on the prime rate and your credit worthiness, but if there is an interest charge it will be no less than fifty cents. The variable rate for your purchases can be as low as 9.25%. With an interest rate that low, you can spend without the stress of having high payment balances due. No Annual Fee. When you sign up for the IberiaBank Visa® Classic Card, you will not have to pay an annual membership fee and as a genuine Visa cardholder, you'll travel in confidence with your card. The card is widely accepted throughout the world at millions of locations. With your low-interest credit card, you'll never have to stress about account management and safety. You can access all of your account information online, at any time. That way, you are always in the know. With the IberiaBank Visa® Classic Card, you'll never pay high interest or pay an annual fee.

IberiaBank Visa® Select Card

The IberiaBank Visa® Select Card is a low interest credit card that caters to shoppers interested in a credit card that does not charge high interest fees. The card offers low interest, a low annual fee, exciting promotions and first-class card perks. Introductory Rate. During the first year of card membership, you may not have to pay interest on your purchases. Based on the creditworthiness of the cardholder, the interest can be from 0% to 7.50%. Balance Transfers. For the first twelve months of having your card, you can enjoy an APR as low as 1.99% during the first 12 billing cycles. This special deal applies to balance transfers that are processed during the first three months of card membership. Low APR. After the 12 month promotion, your APR can be as little as 7.50% based on your creditworthiness and the prime rate. This offer is exclusive to the IberiaBank Visa® Select Card. Card Features. In addition to the low APR offers, the card includes product enhancements such as auto rental collision damage waivers, roadside dispatch and travel emergency services that way you can travel without worry. As a card member, you are entitled to access your account at anytime, and now you can with IberiaBank's online access features. The annual fee is as low as $35 an incredible offer! Now you can avoid high interest fees and pay a low annual fee with the IberiaBank Visa® Select Card!